Our product is principally our advice and the most important piece in all of this is you, our client.

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Independent advice, individual approach

We’re all on life’s financial journey and we all take different paths. Regardless of where you stand, the services, products and tools we use are designed to work for you. With many different types of investment, it really does pay to construct an individual strategy. In the complex world of investing, professional advice is your greatest asset.

Financial Planning

A financial goal without a plan is just a wish. With personalised advice from our consultants, we’re able to show you the opportunities out there that are most relevant to you. Simplifying the complex, to focus on creating a plan that will turn your goal into a reality.

Investment Advisory Services

Quality asset selection is essential to sustainable, long-term performance. Through our Portfolio Service we will build for you a tailored investment plan from a wide range of managed or direct investment options. We’ll rely on multiple sources of research, balancing risks and returns, because one size seldom fits all. Working closely together, we’ll discover and engage the assets that work best for you.

Portfolio Services

We use independent custodians and through their platforms, administer and monitor the investment strategy. This service also gives you secure, real time access to view the assets in your portfolio.

Portfolio Management and Advice

Financial markets are the same for everyone, with numerous ways to be involved. Essential to success is the creation of a sound philosophy and a set of rules to guide your portfolio. When you choose to work with one of our advisers, you can expect someone who understands your principles and has the passion to be there with you through the highs and lows.

Retirement Planning

For many of us, retirement is an opportunity to spend more time on other interests. Financial Planning and Investment Advice forms a fundamental piece in retirement planning, but, “retirement” doesn’t mean it’s over. We see retirement planning as a guide for the rest of your life, building for you the cash flow necessary to keep doing what you love. The work of your financial adviser now pays the greatest dividend – supporting your future lifestyle.

Guidance and Collaboration

As knowledge is our product, we may simply provide advice around your broader financial position. This may include guidance on insurances, debts, estate planning or any number of other considerations. In that regard, we will work alongside other professionals such as; accountants, lawyers, insurance specialists and trustees.

How we help fortitude financial

The elements that we use to build or protect your wealth may include:

  • Managed Funds – Unitised/Listed, Indexes, Active/ Passive (ETF’s)
  • Direct Investments - Shares (Equities), Real Estate (Listed Property Trusts)
  • Bonds, Fixed Interest (Term Deposits, Corporate or Local Authority Stock)
  • KiwiSaver/ Superannuation/ Annuities/ Pensions (Pension Transfers)
  • Bonds, Fixed Interest (Term Deposits, Corporate or Local Authority Stock)
  • Hedge Funds/ Alternative Assets
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